This page is to keep track of bugs, nice-to-have, requests, ideas, TODOs, and the like.

Feel free to add to it and thanks for your input!

Style is free-form and don't worry about adding your name - it'll show up in the commit history.



  • wysiwyg **bold** isn't rendering in the editor
  • when I go from one Wiki page to another opens the first Wiki or sometimes says 'No Wiki' even if there is one. F5 sorts this out but its not obvious to visitors 


High Priority

  • add back templates
  • mobile-friendly

Mid Priority

  • add previews (optimally styled) to the history and wysiwyg views
  • add ability for people to leave comments on their changes

Low Priority

  • add back ability for wiki subtitles
  • create an intro tutorial

Open Questions / Brainstorming

  • Think about how to give users credit for contributing
  • Guidance on sourcing information
  • Wikis for international listed companies
  • Wikis for insiders?
  • Wikis for Projects?